Self Portrait

Self Portrait

I was born and raised in Yonkers, NY.  At 16, my family relocated to Sleepy Hollow, NY. At 17, through a program in my new school, I spent my senior year interning and assisting with photographers in New York City.  In 2005 I went to Skidmore College.  Not leaving photography behind entirely, but placing it temporarily to the side, I eagerly tried to wrap my head around anything that caught my interest.  Towards the end of my time at Skidmore, however, galvanized by friends, professors, and traveling, I rediscovered my love of photography.  In 2009, I graduated with honors in Philosophy and Art. Newly inspired, I moved to Brooklyn and began my pursuit as a professional photographer.

In 2011, while building my portfolio, assisting various photographers, and modeling, I also began volunteering for the only skateboarding magazine based out of New York City, 43 Magazine, where, after a short, time I became Managing Editor.

Since then I have had my own zine, Sakura, published by the Milk Gallery, as well as my first book, Sibling Rivalry, published by French publisher Duke’s Distribution.

Working at just about every position possible in the industry: photographer, assistant, model, and editor, I've been able to form a unique perspective and context to shape and inform my work.  This has enabled me to work for clients ranging from adidas, Levis, and Milk Studios, to Vox Media, Samsung, Transworld Skateboarding, and Paper Magazine to name a few.

All of these experiences have only added to the joy that comes from photography's inherent capacity for meeting new people, traveling, and building unique experiences.